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Sometimes life becomes too much and you just need to hit the “Refresh Button.”  I felt this way back in March, so I took a client’s recommendation and booked a one week stay at Mii Amo, Enchantment Spa in Sedona, Arizona.  After the initial excitement wore off, I became a little nervous.  What is a NJ Fashionista going to do in a secluded spa in the middle of the desert?  I consider myself a spiritual person but I’m certainly not one to throw on some sneakers and go for a hike and meditate.

Arriving there I was completely transformed.  I thought I was going to miss so many of the small things like my iPhone but I didn’t.  It was like being in a different world.  The spa treatments were very relaxing but the spiritual and holistic healing treatments were well worth the trip.  I had a psychic massage, past life regression session and Reiki sessions.  As cliché as it sounds, these treatments helped me dig deep into my soul and past to really connect with myself again.  The whole experience was very memorable and refreshing.

Upon leaving the spa, I was told that agate was one of my spiritual stones.  It is known to bring protection and good health.  Of course being a jeweler I immediately made a bracelet with an agate stone to wear everyday with my watch.  I decided to create a line of spiritual stone bracelets.  Each stone holds different meaning and can be worn daily to offer spiritual assistance and guidance. If you don’t believe it the power of the stones then it can act as a daily reminder of how to live a happy and healthy life.

Whether it is a week at the spa or a day on the beach, I encourage you all to find a way to hit the “Refresh button.”

Spiritual Agate Bracelet

Spiritual Agate Bracelet

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